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    We're seeking innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are blazing new trails and making a significant impact. By securing your spot in the list, you'll not only be recognized for your achievements, but you'll also receive an article featuring your picture, bio, and links to your website and social media. This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise and share your story with a wider audience.

  • Where Will The Article Be Published?

    The article will be published on the website of The NYC Journal - www.thenycjournal.com which gets 300k+ visits and has a 59 Domain Authority.

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  • What Is The Qualification Process



    NYC Journal representatives check your website to know about what you do, they also look at your google and social media presence with online reviews and ratings. You will get a direct link to book your spot only if you are qualified.


    Get To Work

    Once you book your spot we will send you an email where you will be required to provide us a 150 words bio about yourself and what you do. You can use two backlinks in your article, we recommend to use one social media link and one website link. We also require a high resolution picture of you for the article.



    Once the article is published we will send you a live link to it. All the articles are google indexed and SEO optimised for high rankings. We only work with publications that have 250k to 500k visitors and a high DA with an influential audience residing in developed countries.

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  •  Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say

    Dr Aleksandra Plazini

    Communication Coach

    "Hi! My name is Dr Aleksandra Plazini. I'm executive communications coach and trainer helping ambitious professionals overcome fear of public speaking, effectively communicate and boost their self confidence. I had the pleasure to work with Thoughtful PR on establishing myself as the expert when it comes to bringing more visibility and publicity and as well drawing my new clients. I wanted to share this testimonial to really recommend Thoughtful PR to everybody who are seeking to boost their self branding as well to establish themselves as the expert and really gain the valuable public relations features when it comes to really relevant media outlets that I got from Thoughtful PR. Thank you so much for your cooperation and I wish you a very successful journey. "

    Terryn Hall

    Founder at One Seven Cosmetic Tattooing

    "Working with the Thoughtful PR has been absolutely  fantastic for my business. I have managed to gain collaborators, other business owners, potential clients and potential students from all over the world. I am based in Australia so to be able to have that online connection with other people has been fantastic. It has opened so many doors for my business in terms of online training, being able to reach new people. Can’t fault it at all, it's probably one of the best decision I have ever made in my business and I also obviously absolutely love working with other business owners who are on the same page, on the same level and kind of going down the same path as me. So it's been able to really let me kind of connect with people that are not only potential clients but also just on the same level as me and have personally helped me grow."

    Aina Alive

    Founder at Bee Agile Tutoring

    "Hi! I am Aina, and as a busy entrepreneur I can say that its hard to manage everything yourself so if you want to get up to speed, the solution is always the same- just hire a team of professionals. The problem is where to get one so when I finally meet up someone I can trust and I can see that this person has the knowledge, I try to partner with him or her as soon as possible. In this case, building a business and knocking at all doors to get visibility is the multitasking I definitely try avoid in my life, so that's why this year I partnered with Thoughtful PR agency because these guys are always prompt in response, they have knowledge and what I liked the most is they were transparent about their processes. I had my first experience with them I loved it and definitely will keep the partnership next year."

    Vanessa Kahlon

    Founder at KFS School

     "I am very fortunate to have met Sunshy Group. Let's talk about what they have done for me so far. A press release for my book on Bloomberg- done. My book edited and published on Amazon - done. I thought, "oh, we need to make it available in Spanish." They said, "Okay, let's figure it out." - done. The amount of creativity behind what they provide and how they do things is what I love. But I also love the personal experience that I get when I work with them. I send them an idea that I have and she always says, "just tell me the vision, let me get you there. Don't worry about the details, just give me the vision and we'll get you there. Just understand that it takes a team in business and when you find the right people, that's when you'll start to grow. And that's when I started to grow, since I started using Sunshy Group. Thank you so much for everything."


    More Testimonials

    Julia Aiste

    Founder at Julia Aiste Luxury Design


    Saima Shaheen

    Founder at Suraya Beauty Lounge


    Angela Chester

    Radio & TV Host


    Elsa Morgan

    Founder at The Queenie Effect


    Nayyirah Muhammad

    Life Coach


    Nora Swann

    Founder at Nora Swann Ltd


    Yvette Jain

    Coach & Entrepreneur


    Paul Roux

    Financial Empowerment Coach


    Shauna Magrath

    President at Beauty Ink


    Sonia Saraf

    Founder at Rock Paper Scissors


    Nina Luppino

    Founder at Azira Coaching, LLC


    Makinsy Renne

    Life Coach


  • More Case Studies

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    Kate Butler

    Founder at Inspired Impact Books 

    We Got Kate Featured in Disruptors Magazine - Top Female Entrepreneurs List. We Established Kate As One Of The Top Entrepreneurs In The World.

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    Jayde Tonna Whitelaw

    Serial Entrepreneur 

    We Got Jayde Featured in Entrepreneurs Herald - Top Women In Beauty Industry. We Established Jayde As One Of The Top Beauty Entrepreneur In The World.

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    Pam Rader

    CEO at Shift Coaching and Leadership Inc

    We Got Pam Featured in Disruptors Magazine - Top Life Coaches. We Established Pam As One Of The Top Life Coaches In The World.

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    Sonia Workman

    Life Coach

    "You guys are amazing!!! Whenever I had a question my question was answered promptly & right away. I had a zoom session as well w your Advertising Manager & she was so great & informative. I will def be using you in the future!!!"
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    Kate Butler

    Founder at Inspired Impact Books

    "Thoughtful PR was such a delight to work with. They understood my brand, my message and the audience I desired to reach. They not only helped me get my message out to the masses, but most importantly, helped me do it in a way where I was able to connect right to the hearts of my audience. I am so grateful to Thoughtful PR for helping to share my work."
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    Kelechi Anyaegbu

    Founder of Data Engineering

    "The engagement process was seamless, and the deliverable/writeup published was of great quality."