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    As CEO of Shift Coaching and Leadership Inc., Pam Rader is shaking up business as usual in the world of coaching. With two decades of experience under her belt and propelled by a mission to lead people to more fulfilled and joyful lives, she created a holistic approach to coaching and leadership that includes mind, body and spirit. She discovered that to cause lasting transformation you have to address the whole person or organization…not just the problem. She’s known for her unique and powerful approach to causing change that blends her background as a yoga teacher and studio owner with her extensive study in personal development and coaching with many of the world's greats. Pam predicts that in a post Covid world, heart-led leadership will need to be the way of the future and she is on a mission to make it happen. She has had massive success in aligning people and organizations with what matters most to them and is always expanding the reach of her work. Check our her new book “Through the Cracks” launching August 2021”

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    • Got Pam featured on Disruptors Magazine - Top Life Coaches List.
    • Strategically got Pam placed on major media outlets to position her as an authority in her industry. 
    • Tremendously boosted her press exposure, brand credibility, and Google search presence. 
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    Got Her Featured On Disruptors Magazine Top Life Coaches

  • What Pam Has To Say

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    Pam Rader

    CEO at Shift Coaching and Leadership Inc

    "This was a simple, easy to use service that provided the results I was looking for. The product promised was the product delivered. I had complete control over the content and am happy with the result."