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  • Overview

    Kelechi Anyaegbu is one of the thriving entrepreneurs, Founder of Data Engineering (DE) and a digital operations consultant who is passionate about empowering business owners and managers to embrace constant change in the business environment as an opportunity for growth and innovation. Various businesses often face operational inefficiency because of uncontrolled expansion that cost them time, manpower and enormous money. Unfortunately, there comes a time when even perfect business plans and ambitious goals lose their essence when they lack the grip of their operational processes and customer demands. Such scenarios usually force businesses to engender multiple hiring processes even when they have limited resources and budgets.
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    • Got Kelechi featured on one of the top media outlet - IBTimes
    • Strategically got Kelechi placed on major media outlet to position him as an authority in his industry. 
    • Tremendously boosted his press exposure, brand credibility, and Google search presence. 
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    Got Him Featured With International Business Times

  • What Kelechi Has To Say

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    Kelechi Anyaegbu

    Founder of Data Engineering

    "The engagement process was seamless, and the deliverable/writeup published was of great quality."