Aina Alive

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  • Overview

    Aina Alive is an experienced Agile Coach and a Business Consultant currently working for Sun Life (Canada) and a founder and CEO at Bee Agile Tutoring. She is a keynote speaker at PMI/Agile and Leadership Development Conferences and Symposiums. Her book "It Starts with YOU. 40 Letters to my Younger Self on How to Get Going in Your Career" hit the #1 position in the #jobhunting category on Amazon.

    Aina has close to 10 years of experience in transforming businesses, leading change and developing leaders.
    Aina has a vision for a world where leaders and teams are empowered to experiment with and execute new ideas and produce maximum results.


    Aina approached us to position herself as an industry leader in the business coaching industry, she wanted us to build her online authority and google presence.

  • Process



    We had a Zoom call with Aina, where we identified her goals and requirements. On the call, we discussed the PR strategy we would implement to establish her as a leader in her industry.



    Based on the needs of Aina, we worked with her to build out a roadmap of publications, a timeline, and a trajectory for success that will best elevate the digital authority of herself and her brand.



    We sent her a questionnaire that we would leverage to craft her content. Then, we began the process of content creation and getting her featured on top publications.

  • Featured On

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  • Results

    • Got her featured on some of the world’s biggest media outlets including Haute Living, NY Weekly, Disruptors MagazineEntrepreneurs Herald, The NYC Journal and many more
    • Made her a senior contributor on Disruptors Magazine 
    • Established her as a Top Female Entrepreneurs of 2021 on The NYC Journal & Top Entrepreneurs of 2022 on Entrepreneurs Herald
    • Created powerful content and strategically got it placed on major media outlets to position Aina as an authority in her industry
    • Tremendously boosted press exposure, brand credibility, and Google search presence
  • Made Her a Contributor In Disruptors Magazine

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    Got Her Featured On Haute Living

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    Established Her As a Top Female Entrepreneur

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    Established Her As a Top Entrepreneur

    Google Domination

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  • What Aina Has To Say

    Aina Alive

    Founder at Bee Agile Tutoring

    "Hi! I am Aina, and as a busy entrepreneur I can say that its hard to manage everything yourself so if you want to get up to speed, the solution is always the same- just hire a team of professionals. The problem is where to get one so when I finally meet up someone I can trust and I can see that this person has the knowledge, I try to partner with him or her as soon as possible. In this case, building a business and knocking at all doors to get visibility is the multitasking I definitely try avoid in my life, so that's why this year I partnered with Thoughtful PR agency because these guys are always prompt in response, they have knowledge and what I liked the most is they were transparent about their processes. I had my first experience with them I loved it and definitely will keep the partnership next year."