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  • What is Google Knowledge Panel? 

    We all have seen this block at the top right corner of a search engine results page, some of us know what it's called, while others don't. This is known as the Google Knowledge Panel for those who are unfamiliar. The Knowledge Panel's role is to give users reliable information about well-known entities. The data is obtained from credible sources using Google search.


    Why is a Google Knowledge Panel so Important?

    The more digital real estate you occupy on the first page of Google, the more likely you are to stand out to potential clients. Securing your own Google Knowledge Panel means dominating the search results. Your potential customers have fleeting attention spans. By inserting your personal brand at the top of search results you establish unwavering credibility and authority.
    Your own Google Knowledge Panel will include:
    – Branded images of you
    - Your main profession (Entrepreneur, Coach, Realtor, Author etc)
    – A short, compelling bio
    – Date of birth
    – Businesses owned (If you have a company panel)
    - Books you are an Author of
    – Links to your primary social media accounts
    Blending visibility and authority, a Google Knowledge Panel makes it easy for people to find you, see you, and do business with you.


    Here is an example of how the Knowledge Panel looks: 

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  • Benefits of Google Knowledge Panel

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  • Process Of Securing Your Google Panel


    Buy The Service 

    Complete the check-out process above and we will contact you via email within 12 hrs once the order is completed.


    Complete the Questionnaire

    One of our PR Managers & Book Editors will be in touch with a custom questionnaire. This helps us understand your unique story and brand positioning and help us prepare the content for you.


    Sit Back and Relax

    Our team of in-house writers uses the questionnaire to prepapre a book for you and write articles about you and your brand. We will also prepare custom profiles for you which includes all your information for google panel indexing. (you don’t have to lift a finger).


    Final Review​

    We’ll send all content to you for final review (Books, Articles & Pofiles). Nothing gets published without your approval.


    Google Panel Delivery

    We then get the book published on Amazon & Google Books and the articles published on top media outlets and get you the custom profiles. We then deliver you the final google panel which has all your information included in it.



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  • Few Case Studies

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    Giorgia Mondani

    Founder at Mondani Web

    We Created A Custom Google Knowledge Panel For Giorgia & Got Giorgia Verified On Instagram and Youtube. We Also Got Her Featured On Some Of The Worlds Biggest Media Outlets Including Entrepreneur, Tech Times, Yahoo, Entrepreneurs Herald & Many More. We Also Got Her Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine Print Edition '2020 August'. We Established Giorgia As The Top #1 Luxury Watch Influencer In The World.

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    Vanessa Kahlon

    Founder of KFS School

    We created a custom Google Knowledge Panel for Vanessa, worked with her to format & translate her book & got it published on amazon & google books & got her published in the world's biggest media outlets including Bloomberg, Yahoo, Digital Journal, NYC Journal, Women's Herald & many more. We established Vanessa as the top authority in the teaching industry.

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    Cindy Maram

    Founder of Dig In Magazine

    We got Cindy a custom Google Knowledge Panel, made her an author, made her a senior contributor in a top publication & got her featured in the world's biggest media outlets including Forbes, Flaunt Magazine, Fashion Week Daily, Entrepreneurs Herald & many more. We established Cindy as the top authority in the entertainment industry.


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