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    Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic is Executive Communications Coach, Trainer, Keynote Speaker and University Lecturer with a Ph.D. in communications, two master degrees, being certified NLP trainer, and consultant with vast international professional experience in business consultancies, international organizations: European Commission, United Nations, non-profit organizations, and within the University setting. She has worked with international professionals from all over the world and helped them overcome the fear of public speaking, effectively communicate, present with the impact, build self-confidence to advance their careers, and reach personal fulfillment. In her coaching practice, Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic combines the latest neuroscience research, human psychology, mindfulness techniques, and motivational methods designed for ambitious executives to level up their presentation and communications skills and accomplish professional success and personal happiness.

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    • Got Aleksandra featured on The NYC Journal - Top Business Coaches List.
    • Strategically got Aleksandra placed on major media outlets to position her as an authority in her industry. 
    • Tremendously boosted her press exposure, brand credibility, and Google search presence. 
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    Got Her Featured On The NYC Journal - Top Business Coaches

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    Aleksandra Plazinic

    Communication Coach

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